Although ZOE.L is 16 years-old, she is a seasoned singer/songwriter. Her latest release called I Want Them All is featured on a major label, namely Warner Music Group, Top Of the Pop [Topify] Playlist on Spotify.  Surviving strong  is the theme of the track. 

Her earlier music video, the cinematic Friend, is a break up song which throws shade at a trifling turncoat B-Boy whom is audaciously pedestrian toward his "so-called" “ride or die. The track debuted on an Apple Music Editorial Playlist within weeks of its release. 

Emboldened by the George Floyd murder in police custody, Zoe.L wrote Better Days, a protest song  which took the first place prize in the We The People Protest song contest at Trinity Square Video in 2020.

Zoe was born at St. Michael’s hospital in Toronto, Canada, on July 19, 2004. After writing her first Rap song at the age of seven, entitled Fabulicious, she went on to take private vocal piano and guitar lessons.

Later she auditioned and enrolled at the storied Toronto Children’s Chorus (academy). It was a UK (United Kingdom) Open Mic Night performance that proved to be a transformative experience for a 10-year old Zoe, who sang her way into people's hearts on stage entertaining a mid size Pub 

audience, with three of her own originals tracks, accompanied by a live band comprised of a guitarist, drummer and keyboard player. Her premiere music video, Better Days, speaks to the killing of George Floyd as a protest song and commentary on institutional racism, while her sophomore music

video, Friend, decries the disgrace of interpersonal oppression. In 2021 ZOE.L is focussing on the mixing and mastering of her 12-track studio debut album called Dreams In the Light.